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The Abruzzi region offers an extraordinary variety of activities. Such is the variety of the landscape that an almost unparalleled number of sporting activities are possible in an area as small as this. "Come and experience the variety!" The Abruzzi region is the New Zealand of Europe.

Details are available on: Hiking and Trekking, Mountaineering, Climbing and Free Climbing, Cycling and Mountain Bikes, Water Sports, Skiing, Horse Riding, Golf, Kite Flying and Paragliding

Hiking and Trekking

There are a large number of hiking and trekking paths inside and outside the national parks, some of which are well marked. Educational paths have been established in several parks.

There's everything here from a leisurely walk to a challenging peak top hike. The gentle slopes of the Maiella range and several ascents starting out from the Campo Imperatore are very popular among less experienced hikers. We recommend the following books "A piedi in Abruzzo", published by Guide Iter (in Italian) and "Führer zu den unbekannten Wundern", in German (available free of charge from the tourist office in Pescara).
Please make sure you contact us in plenty of time if you're looking for accommodation close to a particular location.


The Maiella (up to 2793 m) and Gran-Sasso massif ranges (up to 2912 m) offer the perfect environment for mountaineers. It's also worth bearing in mind that because the sea is much closer than in many other mountainous areas, the heights given for the Abruzzi region actually represent much steeper climbing. Corno Grande, Corno Piccolo, Pizzo d'Intermesoli and Monte Camicia are popular spots for those in the know.

The northeast face of the Corno Grande with a rise of 1000 m is legendary. Here alone there are around 40 different routes. The north side of the Murelle is famous for its rugged beauty in the Maiella massif range. Other highlights include the Sirente and the Serra di Celano. Climbing irons and ice axes are needed in the winter for these routes. Mountain guides and local branches of the Alpino Italiano club offer courses and expeditions. We are also in a position to establish contacts to professional schools for groups if required. Suitable accommodation is available.

Climbing and Free Climbing

The "Palestra di roccia" in Roccamorice alone offers 250 equipped routes in south-facing solid rock.

Climbers and free-climbers will find around 800 routes in 20 different locations. The most popular faces are those at Roccamorice, Pennapiedimante, Pietrasecca, Petrella Liri, Pizzoferrato, Pietracamela, San Vito and Monticchio.

Cycling and Mountain Biking

Given that it offers a wide range of altitudes and lower traffic volumes than elsewhere, this is the ideal region for cycling enthusiasts. The Maielletta and Campo Imperatore inclines offer experienced cyclists an experience similar to those in the Dolomites. Well trained cyclists can push themselves to the limits as they climb 200 metres over a distance of 35 km. The rolling countryside between the mountains and the sea offers the ideal environment for keen amateurs. Beginners will also find routes that are more flat. Those able to transport their bikes to Campo Imperatore will be able to discover the breathtaking beauty of the area without having to sweat too much. A cycle route is currently being constructed that will take in the entire Abruzzi coast (approx. 120 km).

If you want to stray from the tarmac onto the more bumpy paths and routes in an attempt to discover the heights and hills of the Abruzzi region, then you'll need a mountain bike. A free guide in English and German on the region is available, which you can pick up a the tourist office in Pescara.

Water Sports

Windsurfing enthusiasts will find a large number of suitable and picturesque spots along the long sandy coastline and the lakes (Barrea, Scanno, Bomba and Casoli) in the heart of the Apennine region.
The same applies to canoes albeit that they can also discover the rivers in the Abruzzi region (such as Aterno, Tirino, Pescara and Sangro). The Lago di Campotosto (1,400 m) is particularly beautiful with its views of the Gran Sasso.

Sailors will find several large mooring places on the coast in the leisure harbours (such as Pescara, Ortona, Giulianova and Vasto).


16 different lift sites are in operation in the Abruzzi region. The most important of these are Roccaraso and Campo felice. In the higher climbs, skiing is possible from December till April.

The downhill runs of the Passo Lanciano, from where you can see the sea on a clear day, are spectacular. Skiing courses are also available. Many of the resorts are equipped with snow-making machines.

Cross-country skiers will find a large number of trails in the national parks (such as Macchiarvana and Gran Sasso National Parks). The Abruzzi region is a hot tip for beginners and experienced skiers. The tourist office has published a free guide in English. The various routes are described in detail.

More advanced skiers like to try out exciting ski trails away from the beaten path. Trained guides are available as well as tour suggestions in the appropriate books (I.e. "Sciescursionismo fra Lazio e Abruzzo" published in the Edizioni IL LUPO & Co. in Italian). We will make every effort to contact professional guides for any groups that might be interested.

Horse Riding

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, this region simply offers everything. There are a number of riding tracks where you will find well qualified riding instructors. Please contact us for riding tracks with support for English speaking guests.

In addition to horse trekking and short excursions, there is a national duration race that takes place on Campo Imperatore at the beginning of August. There is also a free English trekking guide for the region available for riders. Please make sure you contact us in plenty of time if you're looking for accommodation close to a particular location.


Golfers will also find a number of courses in the region. Thanks to the excellent conditions offered by the climate, play is possible all year round regardless of your handicap. "Cerreto di Miglianico Golf Club" is located at the foot of the San Michele Arcangelo Chapel and commands views of the snow-covered Maiella mountain range peaks. The course was designed by the famous American architect Ronald Kirby. The 18-hole course is located in the picturesque Val di Foro (Par 72, 6184 metres long) and is suitable for all handicaps. The course also welcomes non-members wanting to pursue their favourite sport while on holiday. So whether you're a regular player or are interested in taking up the sport, this is a wonderful way to pass the time.

The "Circolo golf d'Abruzzo" close to Chieti is another excellent course. The course boasts a fantastic location. It is situated between small hills and lakes and is framed by the Gran Sasso and the Maiella ranges.

Kite Flying and Paragliding

If an architect had been asked to create the perfect landscape for kite flying then the result would surely have come close to that offered by the Abruzzi region. At 42° north and situated between two seas is a chain of mountains with peaks at 2-3000 m, wide valleys and accessible by a large number of routes.

The region's complex relief offers flying enthusiasts almost perfect conditions for kite flying, paragliding, and gliding. Information about gliding is available at L'Aquila and Pescara airports.

The most popular places for kite flying and paragliders are the Gran Sasso massif and the Sirente-Velino. The Villa Santa Maria (L'Aquila) centre is a good place to call for longer flights between the Gran Sasso and Maiella. There are schools for kite flying and paragliding in Loreto Aprutino and Tocco da Casauria.

Acknowledgement: We would like to thank Mrs and Mr Knoer for the use of some of their holiday pictures.

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