Dear visitors of Lupus-Italicus,

in this section you will find feedback of our customers!


June 18, 2004
"Dear Dr. Orsini, two weeks have already passed since we returned from our wonderful visit to the Abruzzi region. The weather was fantastic and we really did discover a wonderful side to Italy that most tourists never see. It couldn't have been more different from Italy's Adriatic coast and we were really impressed with the snow-capped peaks of the Gran Sasso Massif. The locals showed us a great deal of hospitality. Thanks, too, for your directions. We had absolutely no difficulty in finding our accommodation. We would like to express our gratitude to the owner of Agriturismo Donato: please say thank you to him for us... With your support everything went really well from the preparations to the holiday itself and I will definitely be recommending it to others."
Mr. G., Kleve

June 18, 2004
"Dear Dr. Orsini, I'm writing to give you some feedback about our lovely holiday in Rome and the Abruzzi region. Thanks for your organisational skills and commitment to your holidays. Everything went really well. Apart, that is, from the weather. We went to Castel del Monte and Rocca Calascio on Campo Imperatore plateau: Everything was in full bloom and the landscape was breathtaking. I would recommend Agriturismo Sabrina to anyone. The owners are very friendly and the food is out-of-this-world - 5-star standard, if not better! Very wholesome. Thanks again for everything..."
Ms. G. and Mr. H., Dreieich

June 12, 2004
"We really enjoyed our holiday and the landscape was striking in its beauty. Indeed, we were so taken by the Abruzzi region that we decided to work our way through your entire list of activities. It would also be fair to talk about the Abruzzi region as a paradise for racing cyclists. We were really impressed with the number of different climbs for cyclists that must rival those found on the Canary Islands. You'll not believe it, but we took 1,400 pictures in the Abruzzi region. One thing's for sure - we'll not forget Lupus Italicus and the Abruzzi region and will be recommending you to our friends and family."
Mr. & Mrs. K., Barsbüttel

June 8, 2004
"We had a wonderful time. We were really impressed with the landscape, the architecture in the towns and the culture. My wife and I were really taken. Unfortunately, we were a little unlucky with the weather. We have brought plenty of wine and oil back with us. Thank you for all your friendly help and organisation."
Mrs & Mr. V., Rottweil

June 7, 2004
"We arrived back from our holiday on Saturday and just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much we enjoyed it. The villa, accommodation and food were all fantastic; the kids had a great time with the animals and the other children. The landscape was "to die for". We're already planning to return - because there are so many walks and hikes that we still want to discover."
Family S., Karlsruhe

June 6, 2004
"We had a really great holiday with Raffaele and Paola (Alessandro villa). The owners of both these accommodations were warm and friendly and treated us to some excellent food. Thank you for organizing everything so well and being so friendly - we'll certainly be recommending Lupus Italicus to our friends. Raffaele really exceeded our already high expectations - it was even better than the description. The food was unbelievable and we were made to feel part of the family. We think that on this performance Raffaele deserves an even better online description than the one you've given it... All the best."
Ms. D and Mr. W., Wiesbaden

May 4, 2004
"Our vacation was terrific, in particular the location of the villa ("Elisa", Tuscany). While four days were hardly enough, we did manage to see several nice towns (Lucca, San Gimignano, Siena and, of course, Florence). I have also fulfilled one of my dreams: an Italian espresso machine. Many, many thanks."
Dr. K. B. Boston, USA

April 26, 2004
"We were very comfortable in the artistically appealing house of "Casa delle Stelle". Everything was perfect and Anna extended a friendly welcome to us and showed us everything in detail. We have experienced a lot and visited towns and villages with beautiful locations. Given that the winding roads slowed us down and that we were unable to do everything we wanted, we'll have to come back. We were impressed by the highlands' countryside, the various cultural monuments, the Good Friday procession in Sulmona, the seashore in San Vito and but most of all by the friendliness and openness of the people in the Abruzzi region. There is so much more to discover and we would like to go back sometime.
Thank you for making the perfect arrangements and please pass our greetings onto the owner of Casa delle Stelle."

Mr. and Mrs. L., Heilsbronn

March 9, 2004
"Mostly because of the wonderful house (Casa delle Stelle) and the hospitality of the owner, we really enjoyed our vacation. We would especially like to congratulate you on selecting this accommodation to include in your agency's range. If all the accommodation you offer is of the same standard, we'll gladly book with you again for other visits to Italy."
Mr. A. P., Essen

January 16, 2004
"Actually we already feel like taking another vacation at "Casa delle Stelle". The accommodation will really take some beating; we felt at home and were comfortable. Indeed, we were so comfortable that we didn't feel like going out much, preferring instead to lounge around the fireplace. It really was the most comfortable vacation accommodation we have found so far. Again, many thanks for the recommendations."
Mrs. R., Como, Italy

January 3, 2004
"Just writing to let you know how our vacation was. There was not a cloud in the sky and Antonella (and her mother) totally spoiled us and we arrived again, with a few added kilos, in Germany. Many thanks for recommending such a great place to stay and all your efforts. We plan to enjoy Antonella's hospitality and her wonderful cooking skills once again in September or October together with some friends."
Mr. and Mrs. L., Eppertshausen.

December 23, 2003
"I have not had the opportunity yet to tell you how much I admired the accommodation at Agriturismo Lidia in the Abruzzi region. We were totally thrilled with the friendly welcome, the outstanding cuisine, the family-like ambiance and with the Abruzzi region itself. We have already recommended you to our friends and hope that you will continue to select accommodation like the one we enjoyed."
M. Glinde and family

October 10, 2003
"We thoroughly enjoyed the Abruzzi region and our accommodation. In short, we would like to take such a vacation again at any time. Greetings."
Mr. L., Munich

October 10, 2003 "We were absolutely thrilled with the Agriturismo Nicola and Silvana accommodation, the friendly owners and, of course, with the real interesting Abruzzi region. Luckily this region of Italy remains largely undiscovered by tourists and I think that we'll be visiting again! And if we do, we'll certainly be getting in touch with you. Greetings from Frankfurt."
Mr. L., Frankfurt

September 15, 2003 "We have enjoyed spectacular days in the Abruzzi region. The Gianfranco accommodation and, in particular, the food was outstanding. In addition, we met up with lots of other friendly people and had a great time. Thank you very much for a most wonderful trip."
Ms. G., Essen

September 5, 2003
"Paola (at Alessandro's) welcomed us very warmly and is a lovely, lovely lady. And the food...out of this world. Everything was homemade with a selection of different food everyday. We were able to sample such a variety of the traditional cuisine from the Abruzzi region. Delicious. The countryside is fabulous. We were touring in our Alfa Romeo Convertible which was great fun. All those winding roads in the hills and the narrow alleys in the small mountain villages. It was a real adventure. We will always have fond memories of our honeymoon!!! And we'll certainly be coming back at some point!!"
Mr. T and Mrs. K. J., Reinbek

August 9, 2003 "Even though our vacation ended three weeks ago, I'd like to thank you today for your great advice and especially for the excellent choice. Rarely have we experienced such a warm welcome, not only from Sabrina, but from the entire family. My wife and I felt comfortable right away even before we had a chance to taste the delicious and varied cuisine. We decided very early on that we would like to book our next Italian vacation again with Sabrina through your agency. Please extend a sincere thank you to the family for taking care of us and let them know that we are looking forward to seeing them again. Of course we will also be recommending LUPUS-ITALICUS and all it has to offer, even though deep down I'd like to keep it "my little secret". Many thanks for all your efforts."
Mr. S. Dohr

July 27, 2003
"We returned well rested and just wanted to let you know that we felt really comfortable in all the accommodation that we booked: the Mario villa, Agriturismo Nicola and Silvana and Agriturismo Antonella. The welcome was always warm and friendly. Overall, we noticed that all the accommodation had been designed with a great deal of attention to detail and that their owners took care of them well. Our scenic highlight was, no doubt, Campo Imperatore, which we visited a few times (not least to eat the delicious Arrosticini). Santo Stefano, which has been added to the list of the most beautiful "borghi" in Italy, is really worth a visit."
Mr. P and Mrs. T., Soest

July 23, 2003
"We returned from the Abruzzi region two days ago and are totally thrilled and well rested. Paola (Alessandro villa) is a lovely woman for whom we care deeply. The villa is beautifully situated, the horses are wonderful (we took them out three times) and the food and the wine were very delicious. We also enjoyed the pool frequently.
Your tips were very helpful: we visited Campo Imperatore, Corno Grande, the Valley of 100 waterfalls, L'Aquila and Sulmona where the evening atmosphere was fantastic. Everything was wonderful and we'd like to thank you for your friendly tips. This was certainly not our last time. We have already been raving to friends about it... Warm greetings from the well rested vacationers from Hamburg."

Mr. and Mrs. S., Hamburg

July 15, 2003
"Let's assume you've decided on Italy! Maybe you've already made up your mind or maybe you've had a few good tips about where to go from friends and acquaintances. The question is does Italy always have to mean Tuscany? If you're faced with these nagging doubts, just do what I did. Visit Lupus Italicus's website. Oh yes, you're already there. Enough of the preamble, on with the vacation. Someone like me, who has never in his life planned a vacation and who, not only for image boosting individuality, but because of an actual and genuine need for rest, always wants to go where others have not been. If you're one of those so-called top managers with all the pressures and ups and downs of the position, Lupus Italicus will probably have the right holiday package for you."

Ok, it's true. I've been to Italy several times with Lupus Italicus. To be exact in the Abruzzi region which I hope won't become the Tuscany of tomorrow. Because if it did, it would certainly not be as nice, as original or as unique, not to mention the prices. The Germans here love to spend time discussing the region's value for money. The best thing to do is go and see for yourself and let the region captivate and sweep you off your feet at the same time. Once you're addicted, you can continue, like my girlfriend and I, to travel along the coast or inland.

My tip: visit Antonella which is near Sulmona. She is an atypical Italian woman who keeps her promises and who has furnished her house with great attention to detail and a number of unique antiques. Between Sulmona and the mountains you're free to choose what you want to do; go for a stroll, be inspired, spend time in Sulmona's sidewalk cafes (not as large as Siena but in its own way equally charming) or head for the hills on one of Antonella's many mountain bikes.
I think it's time to stop my glowing endorsement, before it begins to sound made up. I think it's worth mentioning, however, that we have become friends with Elena and Lars Orsini. If the same thing happens to you, you'll also know where you'll be spending at least one vacation every year for the next 20 years."

With warm greetings
From one person to another
From home to home
J. Thinius, Essen

June 17, 2003
"We had a wonderful vacation in a terrific rural villa (Alessandro). The view from the terrace during breakfast and dinner was gorgeous. Your promises have indeed been superceded."
Mr. M and Mrs. G., Braunschweig

April 25, 2003
"We have fallen over heels in love with the Abruzzi region! The vacation was wonderful and relaxing, not least because we felt very, very comfortable with Mario. We were thrilled with the weather, the countryside and the rural villa. My teenage daughter and her girlfriend also enjoyed the vacation. Many thanks for the helpful tips. We really did use them on many occasions. Thank you very much, we have already recommended you and will continue to do so."
L. and S. and family, Frankfurt

April 19, 2003
"We had a safe trip back. Again, many thanks for putting us in touch with Agriturismo Paola and Paolo. Everything went smoothly which made for a successful vacation. I'm sure that we will find another opportunity to vacation in the Abruzzi region.
Mrs. R., Stuttgart.