About Us

Lupus Italicus is the name of our agency. Thanks to the commitment and dedication of a local nature protection program, the Apennine wolf is once again living in the Abruzzi region. We like to think that this is synonymous both with the unspoilt natural environment that is the Abruzzi region and the coming into contact with an area which because of its landscape, quality of life and cultural heritage deserves its reputation for beauty (Bellezza) and "sweet life" (la dolce vita) like no other. The aim of this site is to promote a kind of tourism that goes hand in hand with the local ecology. Indeed, this region deserves this kind of approach to form the ecological foundation for its ambitious nature protection projects.

In line with our business policy, we only arrange accommodation that we have visited personally and that we regard as unsuitable for mass tourism. Or in other words, accommodation in which we have holidayed ourselves or in which we would holiday.

Your personal advisor is Mrs Dr. Elena Orsini.
Born in Tuscany, an art historian and now living in Magdeburg, Germany, Dr. Elena Orsini is on hand to provide you with personal advice on the right accommodation for your needs. Given that she has been living in Germany for many years, she is ideally placed to compare the cultures of Italy and those in the North of Europe and now offers services aimed at arranging accommodation that is best suited to the inter-cultural needs of both parties. Her declared aim is to bring you closer to the unspoilt, natural and breathtaking beauty of her native country. She discovered the Abruzzi region on her travels through Italy and was amazed that a region so natural and so rich in culture could be almost unheard of outside of Italy.

She would love to answer any questions you may have on choice of accommodation. Just send your message to:

We wish you a wonderful holiday. Yours,

Lars Büntjen


We would like to thank for the use of their pictures the Region Abruzzi and especially Luciano D'Angelo; Giancarlo Guzzardi, the association Turismo Verde and the Archeological Museum of Chieti. Giancarlo Guzzardi is the owner of the "Archivio fotografico ascent photo": http://gguzzardi.interfree.it. We highly recommend the website of Mr Guzzardi and also his activity of mountain guide for Abruzzo.