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Campania felix - Happy Campania

Sea, sand, sun and good food. Spend your holiday here and you'll understand what all the cry's about.

The Campania region of Italy stretches from the southern Apennine mountain range to the coastline between the Gulf of Gaeta and the Gulf of Policastro. The Sorrent peninsula is characterized by its steep coast and wonderful beaches.

The Campania region is easy to reach by plane (Naples, Rome). You will have to allow more time if you're driving. This part of Italy was once very popular among the Greeks and it's here that you'll find the wonderful Cilento National Park region, which Lupus-Italicus regards as being a real treasure among parks. Here you can relax on empty beaches for most months of the year (apart from August), enjoy the mountainous landscape and the beauty of the natural environment and let yourself be spoiled in one of our handpicked estates.

Pompeji and Naples are just as easy to reach for a day trip as the spectacular Amalfi coast and the Paestum and Velia archaeological dig sites. Indeed, given that work is still been done on these digs, it's a good opportunity to get a close-up insight into the work of archaeologists. The Italians here are better Italians, that is, they're really Greeks.

The Campania region is also a good place for a traditional beach holiday, but if you spend all your time on the beach, you'll be missing out on a great deal. Hiking, riding, fishing, diving, wind surfing and sailing catamarans. To put it in a nutshell: Lupus-Italicus You could say that we here at Lupus-Italicus have grown rather fond of the Campania region and would like to present the following.

"Casa Pendio" Holiday Apartment - Campania

This romantic apartment for two people or for a family is located in a small romantic village in Campania with lovely views across the bay to a cape located about 20 km away. The village is crisscrossed by a maze of small alleyways. Indeed, because the narrow streets are used by very few people, it’s quite OK to regard the footpath in front of the "all'italiana" apartment as a patio and use it for relaxing breakfasts or for testing to see whether the wind is right for a spot of surfing or for enjoying the views over the cape as the sun sets in the west. Driving, the nearest sandy beach is between 5 and 7 minutes away.

"Gino" Villa - Campania/Southern Italy

This charming holiday accommodation is situated in a romantic valley above a sandy beach that stretches for several kilometres and a protected bay. Despite its remarkable views of mountain ridges which can be reached in a matter of minutes by foot, the beach is only a 10 minute drive away, should, that is, you want to go at all. Because at the Gino villa estate you will find a wonderful swimming pool in a romantic location that boasts views of the surrounding mountain ranges. 2 apartments for 2, up to 6 people and 6 double rooms.

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