Lupus Italicus,

the Apennine Wolf, is a subspecies of the European Wolf according to the latest genetic studies. The Lupus Italicus is smaller than other wolves and has been described as the Farrari of wolves because of its body shape. Its original habitat used to stretch across the entire Apennine region into the Italian and French Alps. By the turn of the century the animal was all but extinct. It had been mercilessly hunted by shepherds. We now know that wild dogs were responsible for killing a large proportion of the sheep. Provided there are enough, the Lupus Italicus feeds predominantly on small mammals and will sometimes hunt a wild pig when in a pack.

This shy animal is now a protected species. The Abruzzi National Park started a exemplary campaign during the 70s for the first time to protect the wolf. And it's thanks to this campaign that the wolf can once again be seen in the Apennine region of Italy, with numbers estimated at 500 for the country as a whole. We chose the Lupus italicus logo for our travel services to represent a sense of proportion, a compromise between the needs of people and the needs of the environment. The Lupus Italicus needs tourism with a sense of responsibility, forming the economic foundations for environmental conservation.

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