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2007 and current

September 16 2014

Dear Lupus Italicus Team,

We liked the Abruzzi very much - the combination of sea and truly spectacular mountain scenery was amazing.

The accommodation at Manor Mario was excellent - especially the food which was delicious. Our children felt very comfortable.

Unfortunately neither of the itineraries were practicable, as several roads were closed. Please update directions. (Note from Lupus Italicus: The itineries have been improved.)

Warm regards

Fam. Z, Köngen

September 15 2014

Dear Mrs. Osini,

We had a really great time in the Abruzzi. The house 'Casa delle Stelle' is very very good - the owners super nice, making you feel welcome with their big-hearted hospitality. We wrote some feedback and concrete tips in the book at the place. I'd also like to give you some information for your website. As an art historian, you know what kind of treasures can be visited in the surroundings, and they were a real treat.

I also liked the organizational process very much and therefore would like to book again with your agency in the future. I still have no plans for 2015 ...

At the beginning we had difficulties finding our way and couldn't cope with the directions - but this may have also been due to our tiredness and the fact that we were arriving at night.

Thanks for all and kind regards

Prof. U.T., Münster

September 16 2014

We have safely returned home from our holiday and it was without any doubt a top-holiday,
on the one hand because of  “Susanna", but also because of the good weather, the unique nature and the beautiful cities. Susanna and Enrico are wonderful hosts, and also their parents, who have a fantastic restaurant in Pistoia, are really nice. We cannot but recommend "Susanna" and if we come back to these parts we would definitely take it into consideration again.

T.T., Groß-Umstadt


September 9 2014

Dear Mrs. Orsini,

It's been a few days now since we've returned from Tuscany and got back to our everyday life. But I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you once again for the handling of our holidays. Especially of course for the tip that at Manor Elisa delicious meals are served - it was more than good!

All in all it measured up to our expectations, we really felt at home and love to recall our time spent there and the friendliness of the staff.


Fam. H., Mannheim

July 3 2014

The Abruzzi left lasting impressions on us, we will return someday. We experienced the area just as it was described in your presentation. The season fitted, the blossoming of the mountain flowers was unique.

The accomodation at Manor Stefania was clean and met our expectations. The manor is beautiful, we experienced and saw a lot and could perfectly relax in the evenings enjoying the peace and quiet.

We liked it so much that we said thank you for the nice hospitality with a bunch of flowers, I think that says it all.

B.J., Schutterwald

July 1st 2014


The Cilento is a wonderful region. I had the impression that it hasn't yet become overcrowded with tourists, which is great. The people were always nice and helpful too.

Manor Gino is beautiful and above all very very quiet. The staff were very helpful, Rossella deserves a special mention here. Probably the only one who knows to speak German, she perfectly cared for all our needs. The meals were also very tasty. Simply good Italian food with no frills.

The nicest day we had was visiting the caves of Palinuro by boat. Wonderful also to be near small seaside towns like Pioppi, Acciarioli and around Castellabate (Santa Maria, San Marco).

We were also delighted by a honeymoon surprise: a bottle of champagne, roses and a rose petal heart on our bed. :)

I also want to thank you for all the arrangements for "Gino" and the rental car. Everything worked out well, thank you.

S. and N. S., Lübeck

June 15 2014

Hello Mrs. Orsini,

I want to thank you so much on behalf of my team and the people we assist for recommending this beautiful property to us.

We spent a wonderful and amazing time there. The Marches and of course the holiday house Casa Silvano were a real insider's tip. Adina and Silvano looked after us very kindly. This definitely hasn't been my last holiday with you as the operator.

Thanks again and please stick to your style.

Best regards

G.G., Rot am See

December 24 2013

"Don't worry."

The wonderful Agriturismo "Mario" was recommended to us by friends ... Actually, no one would reveal the location of such a treasure, not even under torture. Thanks.

At Christmas, when we brought up the subject of our next holiday, our children left us open mouthed. There was an unanimous answer from all three to the question of the holiday destination for next year: "To Mario!!" To our disbelieving enquiries we got a long list in reply, starting with the pool, the meals, the silence, the freedom, the adventure, the animals, the environment and, getting finally to the point, the eating of pizza. Mario and his team have created a very relaxed and really comfortable atmosphere that is second to none. Just terrific!

Motto: "Don't worry. No problem!" Here you can wind down and relax in gorgeous countryside on a property beyond compare. No, this is not just any farmhouse, but a small enchanted castle. Whoever searches out this castle, will also find another small kingdom! Nature is intact (hunting ban, no lead in the soil and relaxed wildlife) and around every corner you  may run into a specimen of the exciting wildlife; a stupified and astonished look on both faces is guaranteed! The plants and especially the insects are worth seeing. Don't forget to bring along your walking boots (you'll need them anyway) and roam the extensive grounds. If you want to see a badger, take your time, you'll need a lot of calm and a moonlit night. And off you go. If there's no moon you can see the stars and with some patience, away from the lights, even the milkyway!

Meals: Even if you search intensely for something else in this area, you won't find better meals than here! Signora Olga and her team perform magic every day; unbelievably good cakes in the morning and a four-course Italian dinner at its finest in the evening! No whacky Italian frills, but the best cuisine "alla Mamma". Tip: home-produced olive oil.

Location: a perfect location for trips in a region full of cultural sites and natural resources between the National Parks of Maiella and the Gran Sasso. Just the right distance away from the next city. As there are few intelligent guidebooks, the old game with map and compass is recommended to locate the places worth visiting. You already begin to relax when you enter the excellent small library in the dining room where books and slide films show the treasures of the region. Your eyes will pop out of your head! Despite the fact that the road is somewhat torturous you will still be able to see some breathtaking cultural treasures along the way.

Important note: check mosquito nets and patch them yourself if necessary, bring along mosquito repellent for the evenings. Technical equipment works Italian-style ...

I wish you a merry Christmas ...

Fam. Dr. E., Hannover

October 9 2013

Dear Lupus Italicus Team,

The accomodation you recommended was wonderful.

During the first week at "Agriturismo Daino" we had the chance to enjoy homemade pizza and meet the other (international) guests at the pizza party arranged for all the guests.

The kids made great use of the pool, and also the drive to the seaside didn't take long. The holiday apartment Dante is new (equipped with washing machine!!) and has a beautiful outdoor terrace with a view over the vineyards. Our hosts were very nice (English and French speaking) and provided us with yummy wine and olive oil.

Highly recommended is the nearby town, Citta Sant' Angelo (excellent icecream!! and a typical market on Wednesday).

During the second week we changed accomodation and stayed at the idyllic manor of Mario. There we enjoyed the meals provided featuring typical Italian dishes not to be found in any normal restaurant ... From there we could go on excursions in the Aburzzi and discover the beautiful landscape. We also went to see Rome, which is possible on a one-day trip. Unfortunately, the weather was unsettled, so the pool couldn't be used very often. The wide range of leisure activities (table football, table tennis, pool, video ...) and the animals were a real plus for the kids. Our wooden house Mimosa was big enough with a well-equipped kitchen. The only downer was the electric light in the eat-in kitchen because it couldn't be switched off and therefore attracted insects ... (Note by Lupus Italicus: the owner has already repaired it.)

All in all a very relaxing holiday in a beautiful region with little tourist activity!

We will definitely recommend you and will continue to book this kind of holiday.

Thank you also for the additional information you gave us in advance about the features of the apartments which helped us with our preparations and which was exactly right!! On the whole a perfect service!

Family F., Lauf

October 9 2013

Good morning Mrs. Orsini,

We had a wonderful holiday.

Casale Silvano in the Marches is a DREAM. Perfect equipment, quiet location, carefully maintained. We will recommend you.

We had the chance to see the other apartments, too. They have TOP CLASS equipment!

 In your description of the location you should mention the small detached house with pizza oven and adjacent dining room for 15 persons. As well as a tennis court!

The photos are at your disposal.

Greetings to Adina and Giuseppe, both very very nice and helpful people!!!

We shall return!

Fam.R., Julbach

September 9 2013

Dear Sir/Madam,

We spent a wonderful holiday at the Manor Elisa. Although the property is located in a rather remote area, as a result it is very quiet. The pool was beautiful, the food very very good and tasty (we are still trying to lose the weight we gained). The family was very nice, we never had the impression that they were primarily concerned about their own profit, the guests' wellbeing was more important. The rooms were tastefully and carefully furnished. All in all a comfortable family atmosphere.

We spent ages looking for a letter box but apart from that the holiday was just great. In real life the location was even better than in its internet description.

M. H., Rheinbreitbach

August 28 2013

Hi Lupus Italicus,

Our holiday in the Abruzzi was wonderful! The beauty of the Abruzzi landscape makes it one of the most beautiful Italian regions, in our opinion. There's everything you could possibly want - from seaside to high mountains. And in between picturesque small villages that are more introversive than touristic. All in all an invitation to explore and make your own small discoveries.

Our hosts were very kind and had plenty of good tips to give us for trips to go on. Both of the accomodation (Casa Stefania and Agriturismo Nicola and Silvana) were very nice, carefully maintained and well equipped. There were wonderful opportunities to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Particularly memorable was the dinner on a Trabocco with the sea below us and our plates filled with various fish specialities, a very special atmosphere.

Among the cities our favourite was Vasto with its well preserved historic center, nice shops and restaurants and an impressive panorama from the city's "balcony".

On the whole an absolutely successful balance, we can but recommend the Abruzzi and Lupus Italicus!

 Best wishes

Mrs. M., Oldenburg

August 27 2013

We spent wonderful days and nights in Villa Torres. The only drawback: the village street in front of our window turned out to be surprisingly animated for such a small town … But otherwise, everything was great! The hosts are very nice and cultured, the whole house emanates a really pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. Great cuisine!

Family E., Weimar

August 17 2013

Dear Lupus Italicus Team!

Our stay at "Giacomo" was wonderful!

The location, reception and the apartment are HIGHLY recommendable - no wonder we have been back for the second time.

So thank you for all the arrangements and best regards from Flensburg

A.D., Flensburg

August 04 2013

Dear Lupus Italicus Team,

It was a great holiday! Everything was perfect: the apartment, the hosts, the landscape.

The Abruzzi is a paradise for hikers, the likes of which I've rarely seen before, and I have been hiking for 30 years now through different mountain regions. The house "Antonio", conveniently located between Majella and Gran Sasso, was also perfect. This was Italy as I imagined it in my childhood: kind people, tasty meals, no tourists, gorgeous landscapes.

A little story about the kindness of the people: We visited the village Bolognano and were admiring a sky-blue church portal. A passing local told us we must see the inside of the church too and he kindly switched the light on and went away. We entered, and admired the nice church. Afterwards, we admired the portal once more and I took some photos. Another villager passed by and invited us to see the church from the inside too. As our knowledge of Italian wasn't good enough to explain that we had already done so, we just went in once more (the church was still nice).

We liked the apartment Antonio very much. The gas stove in the kitchen was perfect, there were many good shopping possibilities in the region and we often cooked ourselves, although the restaurants recommended by Antonio were very good. Especially Colle di Grotto has an unbeatable price/performance ratio and moreover incredibly friendly service. We went there twice. There's no telephone or internet reception in the apartment. There were only two Italian TV channels: sports and cinema films. After a short time I liked this very much, but I can imagine that it may not necessarily be everybody's cup of tea.

A minor point of criticism: The instructions on how to get to the place are a bit confusing, in principle they're correct, but the described signs don't exist, so you wonder if you are where you should be. Of course we found the house after a short search as there are only a few houses in the area.

(Note by Lupus Italicus: we have improved on this).

Result: it was a wonderful holiday which left us with only pleasant memories.

At this point we want to thank you again for the smooth and professional processing of the booking, we wish you many "Abruzzi enthusiasts" for the future and can well imagine spending another holiday there.

Mrs. K. and Mr. D., Marburg

August 2nd 2013

Dear Lupus Italicus Team,

We were very pleased with our holiday at the "Due Fratelli". We positively noticed that all of your indications were correct regarding the accomondation and the very nice hosts. No bad surprises, a nice well-kept place.

We liked the smooth processing done with you in advance, everything worked out fine, the car rental too. Your homepage with the various information about the region was very helpful.

Temperatures of about 25°C and the beach being only half-full, because it was just the start of the Italian season, were a welcome surprise. As we are East Frisians we were happy that a slight breeze was always blowing.

We were really enthusiastic about the beauty of the Abruzzi, which we explored on several trips. It won't be our last visit, for sure.

A. N., Esens

June 28 2013

Dear Lupus Team,

It was wonderful.

Elisa: great house, great location, only nice warm-hearted people. Daughter Elisa cooks divinely so you must be careful to do a lot of hiking, an activity which is perfectly suited to the place. We shall gladly do it once again.

Boscomare: impressive and very hospitable, too. The old artist must have worked a lot in the past, everything is amazingly decorated, even if sometimes a little bit unpractical. The pizza meal in the manor house was great, impressive. The deli shop of Mucci in the city is a must. The nearby coastline is wonderful.

Fam. K., Ellwangen

July 3 2013

Dear Lupus Italicus Team,

After a visit in 2011 we went back to the holiday farm "Mario" for the second time in May. Once again it was a stay characterized by the warmth of the hosts and their fantastic cuisine. The extensive property, the manor steeped in history with its marvellous views in the Abruzzi make for a really pleasant stay. Moreover we had the chance to meet an Australian tour group staying in the house, led by an opera singer, who even had some engagements on European stages (e.g. Bayreuth), and who, along with his accompanying musicians, treated us to some unforgettable musical evenings.

All in all the holiday we dreamt of when booking.

Kind regards

Fam. M., Sengenthal

October 9 2012

We stayed at the Agriturismo “Paola” during a motorcycling rally in May. In July we visited the Agriturismo “Nicola and Silvana” for a bathing holiday. Both recommendations from your website have greatly fulfilled our expectations.
We treasure Paola as a cheerful and lovable person and the isolated valley intrigued us. The food was simple, rural and really great!

The Agriturismo “Nicola and Silvana” fascinated us because of its wonderful garden. In real life the place surpasses by far the photos shown on the website; therefore we suggest replacing them... the garden is gorgeous!
We grade both places with 100 points!
Thanks also to the team for the great performance!

A.M., Sulzbach

August 18 2012

Yesterday evening we arrived back home, unfortunately. We would like to thank you. Your recommendation for “Casa Stefania” was really great. We felt comfortable and the accomodation exceeded our expectations. We especially liked the well-kept site, located in fantastic surroundings. Everyone was very nice and always available for us. The estate is relatively central and offers good possibilities for excursions. To get to the truly pretty beaches (Pineto, south Silvi, Vasto) you have to drive at least 60 km by car, though on the highway it is a relatively quick trip. In fourteen days we drove 1300 km to explore the area, but all of them were worth it.
We were a bit worried about the fact that we were travelling during the high season, but it wasn't at all obvious, except on the beach – and even there it was acceptable. We actually found some free beaches, and even the “official” ones were not crowded.
In short: it was a very successful holiday, which has left us with many good impressions. We recommend both the accomodation and the area without any hesitation.
Greetings from Bavaria

Fam.K., Neumarkt St.Veit

July 1st 2012

We enjoyed our trip to the Abruzzi area and the accommodation “Antonio” very much! We especially liked the varied landscape, which is ideal for hiking and exploring. Although it is sometimes quite isolated, there is a lot of unique nature. Above all, thanks to the many hills and mountains, splendid views can always be found ...

The hosts were very cheerful, and in particular the family's grandparents, who mainly took care of the estate, were great! And the homemade pizza and wine – awesome! So we received a very good impression of the place, for it offers a perfect blend of originality and comfort. In conclusion: for those who like silence and nature, the Abruzzi is the perfect place!

We also send affectionate thanks to the operator of the website “lupus-italicus” for the information you gave us in advance, since it is not easy to find such accommodation. We have already recommended you to others.

Mrs B. and Mr M., Dortmund

October 1st 2011

We are now back home and would like to thank you sincerely for your good service and support for our Tuscan holiday! Both us and our two little dogs spent two wonderful and very relaxing weeks in Casa Sofia, not least because we had the whole house for ourselves! The hosts were very nice and friendly, and always helped us with all our little problems. The land and house are wonderfully located; except that the access is a bit adventurous and narrow and requires good nerves;) Overall, we can recommend Casa Sofia for individualists, who want to discover and enjoy the beauty of the Montagna Fiorentina and Mugello. We would be glad to make some new discoveries with your help in the future; maybe in the Marches or Apennines.

Best wishes

Dr.B., Munich

September 29 2011

We spent a wonderful holiday at the Agriturismo Daino in the Abruzzi. The apartments are very nice, tastefully furnished and perfect for a comfortable stay. The family was very cheerful and pleasantly reserved, but always there if we needed anything. The location near Citta' Sant'Angelo is very, very nice and I fell in love with for the village! The well populated coast is easy to reach, and in addition to that one has the luxury of going back to a quiet home. We only did a few trips because having children, many of the destinations were actually too far away, but after a few days we were satisfied with the pool and the sea, anyway. There were nearly always playmates for the kids. When there weren't any guests, the family's son joined us and played with our children, and on the other hand we had the whole pool to ourselves and were able to be together with the children undisturbed.

The Abruzzi is indeed an insiders' tip, and I hope it stays that way. Even at Campo Imperatore, which is (in the high season) a relatively busy place, one still has the feeling of being in a “virgin” land. And the little villages on the mountains really seem to be undiscovered, and I wondered why there was a lack of visitors, for the architecture and art you get to see isn't inferior to that of any other region in Italy.

The “Festa della Pizza” at Lea and Onello's was really nice. The pizza tasted great and it was lovely sitting with the other guests, mostly Italians. Our children played football with the other Italian kids and were allowed to stay up until half past ten – it was completely relaxing.

Fam. H.F., Stephanskirchen

June 6 2011

We really liked the accomodation in the Roman Monti quarter (Breakfast hotel “Daniel and Francesco”) very much. The room was very clean, the breakfast on the Piazza good.
For our next visit to Rome or Italy we will book again on your website!

Mrs B., Flensburg

October 11 2010

We have once again had confirmation that we can certainly rely on your selection of holiday residences. To be honest, we really don't want to rave too much about this holiday area because Cilento is still so unspoilt and not at all touristy, the beaches are wonderful and the people are friendly and open. We didn't meet Gino but we met the rest of the family, who really looked after us well. The evening meal with homemade pasta was always a pleasure and delight. Unfortunately the weather didn't play along with us, which gives us, however, one more reason to come back.
Kinds regards

S.L., Bötzingen

October 7 2010

We've been back home now for three weeks and I still haven't reported anything back to you.

First of all I want to thank you for the smooth organisation of our holiday. Once again, everything worked out perfectly and we were completely satisfied. The manor "Elisa" proved to be a gem. I have to admit that my first impression wasn't great, because it was so different from the Masseria Lucia in Puglia (which with the large white house and the entire arrangement looks really impressive). An absolute plus factor at "Elisa" is of course the terrace with its splendid view; which can only be bettered by the position of the swimming pool, at which you arrive by following a small path through the olive trees (for olive tree lovers like me: a dream). You say in your description that some guests didn't leave the manor during their entire holiday, and that I can absolutely understand. We really could have spent our whole two weeks there, without going out a single day (but we didn't!!). The nicest thing, however, was the contact with the family, who were somehow always there when you needed or wanted something. When we spent the day at the manor, at lunchtime we could walk into the kitchen and they let us prepare something to eat, which we normally took to the pool, along with a bottle of  the son Cristiano's amazing white wine.
In general, the food was fantastic, and you could tell that for the son, Alessio, cooking is more than just a job, it's his passion.
To sum up again an all-round successful holiday. Grazie mille! Tanti saluti al prossimo anno!

Mrs and Mr. D, Mönchengladbach

June 23 2010

Our holiday was perfect!!

The house “Nicola and Silvana” was great, the area very nice, and the food was very good, too!!! There are many nice sandy and pebble beaches, which are  free  in the early season, while in the middle of summer there are probably not as many free sections. We did a great hike in the Santo Spirito gorge. The house is located in a very quiet yet central area; we were the only guests and our children could let off steam.
A particularly nice memory is of the food, prepared and served with much love, and the daughter translated everything into English.
There is really nothing to complain about... we want to visit this area again. Everything is still quite cheap, the landscape is varied and there are few tourists.

Fam. B, Rottenburg

April 4 2010

The Abruzzi region is lovely now in spring-time. Down in the valley there are blooming trees and meadows and in the heights snow capped mountains. The region is very unspoilt and genuine in the hinterland especially in the mountain areas. In this season it is perfect for hiking. The beaches are very nice and very clean right now. Probably in summer this could be a little different.

The accomodation “Stefania” is highly recommendable. The landlady and the staff are very nice. Our apartment and the grounds were designed with great care. The extensive grounds with the animals were full of variety and “something totally different”, especially for the kids. They would have liked to stay on the estate the whole day, playing. The dinner was always very good.

A particularly positive memory that has remained with us is of the very pleasant atmosphere created by the landlady and the staff. We had the feeling of being private guests, although they were not at all intrusive. A suggestion for the hosts: some more hanging options in the bathroom would have been helpful.

Fam. M, Kempen

24. August 2009

We were very happy with our stay at Fattoria Stefania.
Mrs Stefania was very nice and cooperative in providing our children with food. She was an excellent host and we stayed even 5 days longer. The quality of the food was fine and the surroundings were breathtaking. The kids liked the pool very much.

J.H. from Netherlands

July 7 2009

Dear Andrea and Mrs. Orsini,
We had a very good stay in the house of Giacomo!
He was very kind, offered us some of the goods of his farm and gave us a list with the restaurants in the neighbourhood.
(..) The house was very comfortable, very good beds! and we were surpised for the service of bathrobes!
We will hope to come back next year to visit some more of the region.
Kind regards

A. v. S. and K.A. from Netherlands

June 10 2009

Dear Andrea and Elena,
We really had a wonderful stay with Giacomo who is a very nice man and helpful if necessary.
It is a charming and nicely decorated apartment with a lot of light.
Most of all we were impressed by the view all around the apartment and it was very quiet. So this apartment is specially nice for nature lovers.
We were lucky to have nice weather, so we didn't mind to stay a day at home just relaxing and enjoying the view.
You have to realize that if you want to do some shopping for bread etc. you have to take your time to reach a good place, but also this we calculated already. Especially the flowers everywhere were marvelous.
Seperately I do send you some photo's.
With kind regards,

L. H. from Netherlands, Voorburg

September 19 2008

"Dear Signora Orsini, dear Signora Herrschaft,
Once again grazie mille for helping us organize our trip to our beloved Puglia.
"Masseria Lucia" was as lovely as we remembered it from last year and we enjoyed every minute of our stay there. The food and the vini at the masseria were just fabulous and we whiled away many a happy hour under “our favourite olive tree” sampling yet another bottiglia di vino pugliese served by the one and only Antonio in his very special way. This is absolutely Heaven on Earth.

Thank you also for helping us sort out our car trouble, while we were there. I don’t know how we would have managed without your assistance.

We can’t wait to get back to this absolutely perfect corner of the world. Many thanks for everything"

Mrs H. D. and Mr. J. D., Mönchengladbach, Germany

September 1 2008

"Dear Elena,
We had a wonderfull time in Italy, both at Due Fratelli and at Mario's.
We liked Due fratelli a lot, but we simply loved "Mario".
The food, surroundings and the interactions with the other guests were really great.
Thanks for your guidance and advice.
As requested some photo's..."

M.H. from Netherlands